EVENT: Diversity and Inclusivity in Anatolian Archaeology online Seminar

The British Institute in Ankara is hosting an online discussion about Diversity and Inclusion in Anatolian archaeology, including a contributions by Naoíse Mac Sweeney and Elif Koperal - both of whom have worked extensively on Miletos and Ionia. This promises to be an important and lively event, attuned to the current global mood surrounding inclusion... Continue Reading →

HABER: Bafa Gölü’nün kapanmasına dair yeni bir tarihlendirme

Yakın zamanda Sena Akçer-Ön ve Alan Greaves’in kapsamlı bir araştırmanın sonucu olarak yayına sunduğu makaleye  göre, Bafa Gölü’nün oluşumuna dair yeni bir tarih öneriliyor. Bu araştırmanın, Miletos’un ve bir zamanlar Latmos Körfezi olan bölgenin sınırında yer alan diğer yerleşimlerin (örn. Priene, Myus, Herakleia) tarihsel ve arkeolojik yorumlarına dikkate değer yansımaları  olacaktır. Daha önceki çalışmalar, öncelikle... Continue Reading →

NEWS: New Dating of Lake Bafa

A major new research article by Sena Akçer-Ön and Alan Greaves has proposed a new date for the formation of Lake Bafa. This will have significant ramifications for the interpretation of the archaeology and history of Miletos and all the other sites that border what was previously the Gulf of Latmos (i.e. Priene, Myous, Herakleia).... Continue Reading →

NEWS: The End of an Era….

In a surprise move the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism has announced that retired professors can no longer act as excavation directors, forcing them to hand over their projects to younger scholars. This will regularize the management of archaeological excavations in the country and may go some way towards challenging the perception that long-established... Continue Reading →

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