NEWS: Panels on Ionia at Classical Association in Leicester

There will be two panels on Ionia at the Classical Association Annual Conference in Leicester on Saturday 7th April 2018. The first, chaired by Alan M. Greaves, will be on Archaic East Aegean and the speakers include Elif Koperal, Rik Vaessen, Yasar Ersoy, and Michael Loy. The second panel will be a discussion of the... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Shedding Light on the Matter: Ideascapes and Material Worlds in the Land of Thales

Anja Slawisch and Michael Loy set themselves an ambitious goal for this conference when they sought to find new ways of connecting the material and intellectual worlds of ancient Ionia in ways that went beyond the simplistic positivist connections that have dominated the subject for so long. This conference has certainly set that conversation in... Continue Reading →

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