NEWS – Milesian Colony of Limnai Discovered.

According to a press release from Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University (ÇOMU), a team of archaeologists from the institute led by Dr. Reyhan Körpe has uncovered the location of the previously lost city of Limnai. The remains of the city were discovered near the village of Beşyol in Turkey’s Çanakkale ili. According to ancient authors Limnai... Continue Reading →

EVENT: ‘Between East and West: the case of Dionysius’ “hybridity” in Chariton’s novel Callirhoe’ (Dr Mai Musié, University of Oxford)

This paper will focus on Dionysius, the aristocrat of Miletus who has come to serve the Persian Great King. Dionysius is associated with Greek paideia, but as a Milesian and Ionian occupies a position of cultural fluidity between Greek West and Persian East. His access to more than one cultural identity means his identity can... Continue Reading →

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