NEWS – Milesian Colony of Limnai Discovered.

According to a press release from Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University (ÇOMU), a team of archaeologists from the institute led by Dr. Reyhan Körpe has uncovered the location of the previously lost city of Limnai. The remains of the city were discovered near the village of Beşyol in Turkey’s Çanakkale ili.

According to ancient authors Limnai was founded by Milesian settlers sometime in the seventh century BCE (Anaximenes of Lampsakos, FGrH 72 F 26; Ps-Skymnus 705). The city was also mentioned in the sixth century BCE by the Milesian geographer Hekataious in his Perigeisis (FGrH 1 F 164). Limnai was part of the Hellespontine district of the Delian League in the fifth century frequently appearing on the Athenian tribute lists (IG i³ 265.i.97, IG i³ 282.i.13, IG i³ 265.i.97, IG i³ 270.ii.11,IG i³ 279.ii.25, IG i³ 281.iii.67, IG i³ 282B.i.13). (In Turkish)


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