Here we present a variety of online lectures on Miletos, Ionia and related subjects.

Nick Cahill Recent Discoveries at Sardis (2020)

Alan M. Greaves John Garstang and Turkey (2019)

Jane Rempel Sinop Kale Excavations: Investigation of an Early Greek settlement on the Turkish Black Sea coast (2019)

Brian Rose Troy and Gordion: The Historiography of Excavation at Two Legendary Sites in Anatolia (2019)

Adam Rosenfeld The Milesians: Thales, Anaximander, and Anaximenes (2017)

Christof Berns Miletus: New research on the Urban Space of an Ancient Commercial Metropolis (2016)

David Braund The Priestess at Bolshaya Bliznitsa and Aphrodite Ourania in the Bosporan Kingdom (2016)

Naoise Mac Sweeney The  Deviant Daughters of Miletus: Foundation Traditions in Ionia (2016)

Michael Forster “To apeiron” in the Cosmology of Anaximander (2016)

Eberhard Zangger The Luwians: A Lost Civilisation (2015)

Naoise Mac Sweeney The Ionian Cities: Myth, Migration and Origins of Greek Settlement in Anatolia (2014)

Catherine Draycott Art and War. Art Identity and Economy at Xanthos in the Persian War Period (2014)

Alan M. Greaves The Importance of casts in the Victorian and Edwardian period (2013)

Christopher Ratté Archaeological Survey in the Land of Medea (2013)

Theo van den Hout A is for Anatolia. Writing and Literacy in the Hittite Kingdom (2013)

Andreas Schachner Hattusha, the Capital City of the Hittites (2012)

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