Ausgraben in Milet – Website of the DAI investigations at Miletos prior to 2002 (in German).

A Walk through Ancient Miletos – Part of the Foundation for the Hellenic World’s project “Mediterranean Harbors – Ships and the Sea: The Invisible Routes”, contains a 3D reconstruction of the city in the Roman period.


Decoding the Milesian Agro-Pastoral Economy from Above: Remote Sensing and Metrology – Anja Slawisch and Toby Wilkinson for the BIAA 2021.

Remembering the Persian Sack of Miletos – Naoise Mac Sweeney for the Herodotus Helpline 2021.

Miletus ‐ New Research on the urban space of an ancient commercial metropolis – 2016 lecture at the BIAA by Christof Berns focusing on recent work in the Humeitepe area.

The Deviant Daughters of Miletus: Foundation Traditions in Ionia – 2016 lecture at Brown University by Naoise Mac Sweeney on the foundation stories of Miletos.

The Ionian Cities: Myth, Migration and the Origins of Greek Settlement in Anatolia – 2014 lecture at the BIAA by Naoise Mac Sweeney.

Open-Access Databases

Archäologischer Anzeiger – Issues from 2008-2016 containing numerous articles on Miletos (registration required).

Kazı Sonuçları Toplantıları – Preliminary reports (1980-present) of excavations in Turkey including Miletos (in Turkish).

Open-Access Articles

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